Annual Compliance Reporting

Preparation of State Unclaimed Property Reports:  Timing is critical when preparing the annual unclaimed property reports.  States will assess interest and, sometimes, penalties on reports filed late.  Moyer & Osibodu assist our clients in the preparation of the States’ reports in accordance with all their requirements.

Mailings of Due Diligence Letters:  Most of the States require companies to send last contact letters (known as due diligence letters) to the last known address reflected on the company’s books and records.  Moyer & Osibodu offers our clients customized options for handling their due diligence process.

Identification of Potential Exemptions and Exclusions:  Are you over-reporting?  Although some States offer “Business to Business” exemptions, your transactions may or may not qualify for the exemption depending on the underlying records.  Moyer & Osibodu will keep you abreast of latest developments related to exemptions and exclusions, as well as assist you to identify your potential exemptions and exclusions.

Design and Implementation of Unclaimed Property Policies & Procedures: Adopting appropriate written unclaimed property policies and procedures is critical to ensure that our clients are not erroneously over or under-reporting money to the States as unclaimed property.  Moyer & Osibodu can assist our clients to develop a customized unclaimed property policies and procedures manual and can also provide in-house staff training to enhance our clients’ unclaimed property compliance process. 

Unclaimed Property Software: Moyer & Osibodu can assist to determine the right technology solution for your company, and can also assist our clients to design and implement a technology solution based on the assessment of your current accounting and unclaimed property processes.

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