Moyer & Osibodu’s Strategic Alliance Partner – Chesapeake System Solutions, Inc. – Announces the Release of “UPCS Gen-III”

Blog post by Moyer & Osibodu

We had the opportunity this week to test “UPCS Gen-III” the new release of Chesapeake System Solutions, Inc. unclaimed property reporting software – Unclaimed Property Compliance System (UPCS®).  More details about UPCS Gen-III will be available in our April newsletter, but we wanted to go ahead and share three enhancements that we found to be particularly helpful:

  1. The ability to attach different types of documents to records in UPCS Gen-III.  PDF, Word, Image, Picture, or Excel files can all be attached to the records in UPCS Gen-III.  This enables supporting documentation to be attached to the owner’s record, thereby eliminating the need for paper files.    
  2. The special state forms (including affidavits and checklists) are automatically populated in UPCS Gen-III.  This eliminates the need to first download the forms from the states’ websites and then type in the information. 
  3. The ability to ‘hide’ personal identifiable information in UPCS Gen-III.  The user defines the field level encryption and blocks certain fields (e.g. Social Security Numbers) from being visible.  This enhanced security in UPCS Gen-III is also in compliance with the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS standards). 

There are many other new features and enhancements in UPCS Gen-III that you must see – such as the Canadian provincial reporting; increased user defined custom fields; and automation of state-allowed deductions.  Call us at 813.986.7192 or email us at to find out more about UPCS Gen-III or to schedule your web demonstration.

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