Unclaimed Property Consulting

Unclaimed Property Risk Assessment: Moyer & Osibodu can perform a risk assessment to determine the potential gaps in your company’s accounting records and processes. The risk assessment serves as a “Litmus Test” to decide the level of risks inherent in your company’s accounting records and processes.

Quantification of Unclaimed Property Exposure: Do you know the amount of your potential unclaimed property exposure?  Do you have incomplete or inadequate historical accounting records? 

We recommend that you be proactive and determine your potential unclaimed property exposure before your company is selected for a State unclaimed property audit.  Moyer & Osibodu can assist with the identification and quantification of a company’s potential unclaimed property exposure.

Audit Assistance: The average duration of an unclaimed property audit could take up to five years to complete.  Moyer & Osibodu have the expertise and knowledge necessary to assist our clients to mitigate their financial risk associated with these audits and we also offer our clients the option of determining the level of assistance they feel is appropriate.  

Voluntary Disclosures: Although your company may or may not be filing unclaimed property reports as required by States’ laws, you may find yourself in situations where you have past due unclaimed property to report.  Moyer & Osibodu can assist in the development of a strategy and approach for disclosing any past due unclaimed property to the respective jurisdictions, along with assisting in negotiations with the States in order to obtain a mutually agreeable resolution.

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